What Is Member Journey Mapping?

What Is Member Journey Mapping?

Member journey mapping is a process that involves understanding the experiences of members. It helps organizations identify the key touch-points that members have with their organization. By mapping out these touch-points, organizations can create a roadmap to improve the member experience. This process is essential for organizations looking to improve their member retention and overall satisfaction.

How Does Member Journey Mapping Improve the Member Experience?

Embarking on the member journey map adventure can uncover some pretty juicy insights about your members. By visualizing the path they take, you can pinpoint any problem areas in your organization's membership model. It's like a treasure hunt for valuable intel on their habits, thoughts, and emotions. So grab your map and let's get exploring!

  • Is your organization struggling to connect with its members?

  • Are you having trouble attracting new members or retaining current ones?

  • Have you received negative feedback about the member experience?

If so, consider building a member journey map! Don't worry, this won't harm your organization in any way. In fact, it's a helpful practice that will give you and your staff a better understanding of how your organization interacts with its members. Ready to get started? Keep reading for tips on how to create your own member journey map!

Creating a Member Map Journey

Touch-points are moments where an organization interacts with a member. To create a member journey map, touch-points must be identified. While member journeys explain how an organization interacts with members, touch-points show when interactions occur.

Here are some pointers involving touch-points for a membership-based organization:

1- Awareness

Ask your member from where did he/she learnt about the platform. Example-

  • Did he get to know it from the peer who attended the community event
  • Did he get to know from any social media platform

2- Onboarding

Joining and Learning about the community. Example-

  • He received a welcome note from community member and invitation to the event. And he couldn't attend the event
  • Note a response time estimate in form of confirmation messages.

Your organization is sending out a text alert to let you know what's up. Keep an eye on your phone and be ready to jump into action.

3- Curious

Taking interest. Example-

  • Watched a Live stream
  • Listened about the event and even registered

4- Engaging

Contributing and interacting. Example -

  • Keeps up with the new post, brainstorming
  • Replying to the Polls
  • Giving their feedback
  • Answering the questions related to their profession

A potential member sees an event you are advertising on your organization’s Twitter page.

5- Advocating

Influencing, Mentoring and organizing. Example -

  • Volunteered to participate in any upcoming event

If you pay attention to someone's roadblocks or hesitations, you can grow and develop. When it comes to member journey mapping, we call those pesky emotions that deter members "barriers." These barriers are the reasons why someone might be turned off from joining a membership.

Here are a few examples of these sneaky little roadblocks:

  • Budget - Your organization's membership pricing is through the roof! It's time to bring those prices back down to Earth.

  • Loyalty - The potential member is already cozy with the enemy.

  • User Experience - Members find your website difficult to navigate. Your website is causing some serious navigational confusion among your members.

Some reasons Members feel your membership is an advantage -

Discover what motivates potential members to join, and use those reasons to your advantage! We've got the inside scoop on how to do it, and we're about to spill the beans.

  • Budget: Your organization’s membership program fits perfectly into the prospective member’s budget.

  • Convenience: Your organization makes an aspect of your prospective member’s life easier.

  • Problem solving: Your organization solves a prospective member’s problem.

  • Community: Your organization allows for a prospective member to network with other like-minded members.

If you're part of a membership-based organization struggling to keep members, listen up. Member journey mapping is the key to unlocking the secrets of your members' thoughts and emotions. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you'll find ways to improve your relationship with them. Trust us, it's worth it.

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