Build your membership community in 15 minutes

Members Directory and CRM
All your members in a single place with selfserve portal, introductions and ability to connect.
News, Feeds and Updates
Share your personal details with the members. Eliminate the risk of unknown people viewing your data?
Calendar and Events
Share newsworthy content with members at the push of a button. Memberly makes sure you reach them no matter where they are in the world.
Online Community
Build online communities where members can share photos and thoughts.
Multi Locations
Instantly manage members across multiple locations and local chapters of your organization.

Apply for our Beta Program

If you qualify, you will get early access to our software and special once in a lifetime discounts towards your Memberly membership.


What our customers say about us

Memberly has helped our organization tackle engagement and member involvement issues. Our members seem so closer and 'invovled' in events now. The Beta version was so good. We can't wait for the full version to arrive!

Jessica Spencer

We found Memberly to be a very useful tool to network with members of our community. It seems now that members have suddenly grown to 'know' each other better.

Rev. Philip Martin

Can't believe how easy it is to get addicted to Memberly. Networking with members was always an issue we struggled to solve in our association. This app has solved the problem and taken interaction to a whole new level.

David Smith

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